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At Discovery Preschool children are encouraged to learn, be inventive, and DISCOVER in a safe and nurturing environment. Through an art-based curriculum, each child learns to develop a positive self-image. Discovery provides an open and creative educational environment in which families and teachers cooperate to prepare each child for elementary school.

Children at Discovery gain experience in writing and drawing. They are exposed to science, instructed in good nutrition, and taught personal hygiene. They gain a sense of history, and take field trips within the community. Cooperation, enjoyment, and fun are valued over competition. Discovery Preschool is central to socially and academically preparing each child for kindergarten.

"A love for school and education is our primary goal."
Jan Kerch

Discovery Preschool: Ripon's unique art-based preschool is the choice of parents...

Our daughter's first school experience, through Discovery Preschool, has laid the foundation for her to become a lifelong learner. Discovery Preschool instills the love of learning and discovery in our child through creative lessons, various learning opportunities, art-based activities, and free play. She comes home from school full of wonder and curiosity, which spills over into the rest of her day. The teachers provide a nurturing environment that encourages and promotes self-discovery. They know our child as an individual and celebrate her successes.
--Aaron & Jessi Johnson


Discovery Preschool: The start of loving education...

Both of our children have now gone through the preschool classes both Tuesday/Thursday and Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  The teachers truly care about their students and work hard to ensure that they are engaged and curious while safe and understanding.  They work hard to make their minds work and wonder.  The field trips, science experiments, crafts, and play are all things that make our children LOVE going to school.  When you can get your children to that point at a young age where they want to learn as much as possible, you have really put them in a good place for years to come.  Thank you for helping get our kids on the path to learn and grow.

--Nate and Katie Del Ponte