Memorial Day is a day to remember our soldiers sacrifices and celebrate the freedom they have procured for us. But how do you approach the subject of death with a toddler? If your toddler has already been exposed to death this holiday may be easier for them to understand. This link (How to explain death to a child) gives some great advice on ways to approach the subject of death. It mentions being honest, telling kids people are asleep may cause them the to fear sleep, use simple explanations about disease and different types of death, and be prepared to answer questions. Saying I don't know is a completely acceptable answer.  There are also books about death that could help you approach the subject, Books for kids on death and grief. For a lighter topic, there are also a number of crafts that can help celebrate Memorial Day. Lots of crafts and activities for Memorial Day are inter changeable with Fourth of July. Poppies are representative of Memorial Day so here is a link to Poppy related crafts, Poppy crafts, 

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