The trouble with toys is that they are a catch 22. They light up your child's face when they get one and they can entertain them for hours. The down side is tripping over or stepping on them during your middle of the night bathroom run! It can also be difficult to get children to clean up their toys. I fell into the scenario where it was just easier for me to pick them up than to fight with my toddler. Now that has come back to bite me. My tot has too many toys and I am too busy and tired now with a 2nd baby that toys are left all over the house. I saw a high-school friend post on Facebook about how her children had a clear understanding that if she picked up their toys she would place them straight in the garbage. I tried this with my tot and his Legos. It worked but, there were a lot of tears and I felt terrible. I came across this picture on pinterest. This mom uses a Toy Jail and the kids have to do chores to earn them back. So clever, I am going to give this a try.

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