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Beat the Heat

Summer is officially here! We recently got back from a vacation to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Since they have not had kids in the house in a long time (over 20 years) I put my best Pinterest skills to work and found this awesome sprinkler made from a pool noodle! It turned out SO great! My little guy loved it! We made it the right height so that it wouldn't hit his face but he could still enjoy running through it! Even the 8 month old loves having her feet and drinking from it! Below is the link with instructions and a bonus link with 32 more things to do with a pool noodle. Enjoy!


Pool Noodle Sprinkler

32 of the Best Hacks, Crafts and Games

Father's Day

Father's Day is Sunday already! Here are a couple of cute craft ideas to do with kids hand or foot prints. What a fun keepsake (maybe more for Mom than Dad) to have! Check out the links below.


Hand Print Gifts for Dad

Letter D Hand Print craft

Fun and Clever DIY Father's Day Gifts

Backyard BBQ

Schools out and summer has officially begun for parents! One of the best things about summer is not only the weather but the BBQs! Food, fun, family and friends, what more could you ask for? How about some super cool, super sized yard games. Click the link below for some great entertainment during your next shindig. Also, below is a link to the 25 best side dishes to bring to a BBQ. Check those out and see what you think! Happy BBQ season!

Fun DIY Backyard games

25 Best Side Dishes to Bring to a BBQ

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day to remember our soldiers sacrifices and celebrate the freedom they have procured for us. But how do you approach the subject of death with a toddler? If your toddler has already been exposed to death this holiday may be easier for them to understand. This link (How to explain death to a child) gives some great advice on ways to approach the subject of death. It mentions being honest, telling kids people are asleep may cause them the to fear sleep, use simple explanations about disease and different types of death, and be prepared to answer questions. Saying I don't know is a completely acceptable answer.  There are also books about death that could help you approach the subject, Books for kids on death and grief. For a lighter topic, there are also a number of crafts that can help celebrate Memorial Day. Lots of crafts and activities for Memorial Day are inter changeable with Fourth of July. Poppies are representative of Memorial Day so here is a link to Poppy related crafts, Poppy crafts, 

Digital Age

It has become abundantly clear that my children will be growing up in a digital age. Even my 7 month old baby is fascinated by screens and is content scrolling through the Ipad. This may be a frightening realization for parents. Especially with the American Academy of Pediatrics setting suggestions for how long our kids screen time should be. There are times when I am exhausted and use the TV or Ipad to help get things done or just sit for a few minutes and I sort of feel bad, sort of. Of course some screen time is ok and you should limit what your kids watch but the reality is that our kids will have much more exposure to digital media than we ever did. I wonder if my grandparents felt the same way about TV when it first came out. Since this technology is not going away, embrace it and use it to your child's learning benefit. There are loads of educational apps designed to entertain our kids while teaching them. Our favorite apps are the Thomas the Train app that you can build track on plus more ($2.99) and the PBS kids app (FREE!!). PBS kids has saved us from quite a few restaurant melt downs. We also have a coloring app and a puzzle app that gets used from time to time.  Below are the links I used to determine the best apps for my tot. 


Second Story Window - Favorite Apps

22 Fun and Learning Apps for Toddlers

Trouble with Toys

The trouble with toys is that they are a catch 22. They light up your child's face when they get one and they can entertain them for hours. The down side is tripping over or stepping on them during your middle of the night bathroom run! It can also be difficult to get children to clean up their toys. I fell into the scenario where it was just easier for me to pick them up than to fight with my toddler. Now that has come back to bite me. My tot has too many toys and I am too busy and tired now with a 2nd baby that toys are left all over the house. I saw a high-school friend post on Facebook about how her children had a clear understanding that if she picked up their toys she would place them straight in the garbage. I tried this with my tot and his Legos. It worked but, there were a lot of tears and I felt terrible. I came across this picture on pinterest. This mom uses a Toy Jail and the kids have to do chores to earn them back. So clever, I am going to give this a try.

Spring Flower Crafts

Were you one lucky Mother of a Toddler this weekend and received flowers? Hopefully you were able to spend some quality family time together for Mother's Day or if you were like me last year, time alone on Mother's Day since that can be hard to come by! Below is a link to some great flower crafts for once your flowers start to fade a bit. I personally love the Ikea Tolsby picture frame! If you are near an Ikea, they are only $0.99 and make great dried flower displays. For this and more click the link below. 


Beautifully Simple Nature Crafts

Summer Travel Tips

Planning you summer vacation? Car trips with toddlers can be a hassle! From snacks to activities to storage, this link has great 'hacks' for the car to help make your summer travel easier! 10 Car Hacks

Have a busy toddler who won't sit still? Below are some great car activities that should keep little ones entertained for at least a few minutes ;)

Marble Travel Game

Word Building Activity Travel Kit

Road Trip Travel Bags

May the 4th Be With You

If you are raising some serious Star Wars nerds, here are a few links to some awesome Star Wars crafts to help you celebrate!


Light Saber Sensory Bottle

75 plus Star Wars crafts

Star Wars Free Printable Masks

Star Wars Free Printables

May Day

May 1st is tomorrow already! May Day was always such a treat for our family growing up. We decorated baskets and then left them on our friends' porches running as fast as we could so they wouldn't see us. Although this weekend's weather may be deceiving, many cultures have celebrated this day as the beginning of Summer. They believed it would help bring prosperity and happiness to their community. To learn more about some of the history behind May Day and some great May Day baskets visit the Having Babies, Raising Babies and Fowl Single File links below.


Having Babies, Raising Babies - History and Basket Crafts

Fowl Single Line - May Day Umbrella Craft